Spirit Networking

           A few years ago, my cousin asked me to write some workshops for his
    Rosary Pilgrimage in Juneau, Alaska.  The first year, all of the workshops
    focused on Mary; the others were prepared for Year of the Eucharist.    I am
    posting the workshops on Mary below for you to use, if you find them helpful.  
    Some people have enjoyed reading them on their own and using them to
    reflect. You may wish to use them in a small group format for faith sharing.
    Each workshop has faith sharing questions.

           After the pilgrimage, I stayed for a week at the Shrine of St. Therese off
    the coast of Juneau. It was a beautiful and solitary way to have time to  study
    the Bible, reflect and do some writing.  All of the pictures from this page are
    from the Shrine which is on an island connected to the land by a thin
    peninsula.  If you are ever in Juneau, I recommend you stop out at the
    shrine.   The acommodations are also

           Here are the workshops for your consideration and reflection. Click on
    the link to pull up the document.  I am not a "theologian" and don't pretend
    to be.  My writing is as simple as my faith. Hopefully my training as a lawyer
    prevented me from overstating, extrapolating unnecessarily or misstating  
    something that cannot be supported by the Bible and Church teachings. I did
    extensive research in the course of preparing these workshops. As an
    evangelizer, I think we are held to a high standard to be faithful to the
    message Christ conveyed.  I have tried to do that.

           I believe that we everyday people need to study and understand our faith.
    These workshops are the result of my efforts to do just that. Linda
All photos taken by me off the coast of Juneau, Alaska at the Shrine of St. Therese.